Big Brother

Having just announced its plans for more state access to the communications network, it would appear that the government has been forced into a defensive role as the number of commentators, believing the plan to be flawed, increases.

Could such an adverse reaction be a trifle premature?

Said, Gerald Irwin of Sutton Coldfield based licensed insolvency practitioners and business advisers, Irwin Insolvency, “The government already has plans to encourage ‘Silicon Valley-type’ businesses to start up across the country but surely the prospect of the state having unrestricted access to their data, could be more than a little off-putting which could well lead to breaches of privacy.”

However, until the plans are actually published, it is all pure supposition. Perhaps the impending Queen’s Speech will put flesh on the bones.

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Gerald Irwin

Gerald Irwin is founder and director of Sutton Coldfield-based licensed insolvency practitioners and business advisers, Irwin Insolvency. He specialises in corporate recovery, insolvency,
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