HMRC Debt Management

Has paying tax bills become a struggle for you or your company? Then please be assured that HMRC debt management support is available. This includes VAT debt management help, in addition to assistance with other tax bill problems.

In relation to debt management HMRC is very willing to work with individuals and businesses to find a way forward, such as setting up a payment plan. This fact is often overlooked; hence some people and companies delay seeking help with tax bills. As a result, they risk being fined or faced with more severe penalties.

If you have unpaid tax on your mind, now is the time to tackle the problem. Irwin Insolvency provides expert HMRC debt management help for private individuals, the self-employed, company directors and others. This is one of our key UK debt management services.

How to Access Help with Unpaid Tax Bills

You may benefit from VAT debt management support or help with another HMRC debt, such as outstanding income tax, if:

  • You or your company already have one or more overdue tax bills.
  • Or you’ve realised that you or your company will be unable to pay one or more tax bills on time.

There are some basic resources about HMRC debt management that you may wish to consult in order to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals. For example, the charity TaxAid (which assists people on low incomes) has a tax debt guide, while Citizens Advice offers suggestions for dealing with income tax arrears.

However, successful HMRC debt management is also likely to require practical debt advice and a plan of action tailored to your or your business’s particular financial circumstances. It can therefore be highly advantageous to contact a licensed insolvency practitioner, i.e. a debt management specialist.

That’s where Irwin Insolvency comes in; our debt management services have helped numerous clients to resolve debt issues. Our HMRC debt management service enables you to access support from our professional financial advisors, as well as tackle the debt with a payment plan or another option.

When you ask Irwin Insolvency for help with a problem such as VAT debt management, you’ll find life doesn’t have to be ruled by HMRC tax issues anymore.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore HMRC Debt

When a person or business needs help with debt management, HMRC wants to be kept well informed. The government’s website emphasises that you should speak to HMRC ‘as soon as possible’ if you’re having difficulty paying tax.

With regards to missed tax payments and debt management, HMRC may contact you by letter, text message or in person at your home or workplace. Refusing to engage with HMRC or pay tax can have serious legal consequences. HMRC has extensive debt enforcement powers, including (but not limited to) removing money from bank accounts, seizing assets or applying to the courts to make an individual or business insolvent.

Our Debt Management Experts Are On Your Side

At Irwin Insolvency, we know that clients can find talking to HMRC about debt management somewhat nerve-wracking. But when you use our HMRC debt management service, you can take comfort from the fact that you have a well-established insolvency practitioner on your side and with you every step of the way.

We have considerable experience of liaising with HMRC and a detailed understanding of their debt-related procedures and expectations, which is invaluable when helping clients to resolve tax payment issues.

Tax Payment Plans and Other Options

VAT debt management problems or other tax bill issues can often be dealt with effectively by setting up an HMRC debt management plan, known as a Time to Pay arrangement. This enables you or your business to settle the debt in monthly instalments (typically over 12 months), relieving some financial pressure.

Our HMRC debt management service can help you to devise a payment plan that’s realistic, affordable and likely to be accepted by HMRC. It can be extremely helpful to discuss your or your business’s financial situation with an insolvency practitioner that has an excellent track record and fully understands debt management HMRC requirements, etc.

Irwin Insolvency can also help you if another approach to HMRC debt management is more suitable; for example, applying for a bank loan, selling assets or (if your or your company’s financial position is more complicated) pursuing an individual or company voluntary arrangement, which consolidates debts and may last several years.

Rest assured that we’ll always have your best interests at heart.

How Can Irwin Insolvency Help You?

If you’re worried about VAT debt management or another tax payment problem, our trusted debt management services can be a lifeline.

Contact Irwin Insolvency today for HMRC debt management support.


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