Why Irwin Insolvency Is Your Best Choice of Insolvency Practitioner

These are trying times for the UK economy, but you can rest assured that Irwin Insolvency will be by your side, fighting for your business through the worst of the pandemic and the economic fallout that follows.

In times like this, you need to know that you have the best insolvency practitioners behind you. Our expert team of insolvency consultants aren’t here to close down your hard-earned company, but to do everything we can to turn your business around.

In this blog post, we take a look at why Irwin Insolvency is your best choice of insolvency practitioner.

99 Per Cent Customer Satisfaction and More Than 3,000 Successful Outcomes

As much as we love tough talk, facts speak louder than words ever could.

We could reel off statistic after statistic, but the most important stats are the ones that demonstrate how effective our team is. Our proudest achievement is our customer satisfaction level, which based on regular client feedback and customer surveys is an impressive 99 per cent positive.

This gives you peace of mind that we will go above and beyond to achieve the results your company is looking for. We then aim to exceed your expectations!

While satisfied customers top our list of proudest achievements, we’re equally delighted about the number of positive outcomes we’ve had over 25 years of hard work. Our team has produced well over 3,000 positive outcomes. That means 3,000 businesses saved, companies reconstructed or insolvency measures taken in the most effective way possible.

Years of Experience and Staff Expertise

As mentioned, Irwin Insolvency has been working with clients to turnaround businesses and avoid insolvency for 25 years. That’s 25 years of hard-earned experience and positive results that we bring to the negotiations when you appoint us as your choice of insolvency practitioner.

But it’s just the company itself that has 25 years of positive results. Collectively, our experienced team members have much more than this. Our professional team are experts in a range of insolvency issues, including business turnaround, corporate recovery, company insolvency and personal bankruptcy.

We’ve worked across a wide range of industries too, including admin, construction, hospitality, charity, retail and manufacturing. While we know from experience that every company is different and each business is in a unique situation when facing insolvency, we also know that we have the knowledge, skills and practical experience to get things done the right way.

We Aim to Avoid Insolvency

Irwin Insolvency is a licensed insolvency practitioner, which means if we have to we can take your company into insolvency. We can also take companies into administration, organise company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) and initiate total liquidations.

Where we have to we aren’t afraid to take these paths, especially if it’s the only possible outcome. When that happens, we make sure hard decisions are taken in the best way possible, to ensure that people don’t lose out and everyone gets the best deal available.

But insolvency or liquidation aren’t the only options. In fact, before we go anywhere near these disruptive options, we aim to turn a business around and bring it out of the red zone. We might be licensed insolvency practitioners, but our aim is to save your company rather than have you enter into insolvency.

We offer expert turnaround advice to company directors, laying down turnaround plans that can save a failing business and set out a path back to stability and then profitability. You might be facing insolvency, but at Irwin Insolvency we do our utmost to ensure that your company doesn’t get there.

We Take the Time to Understand Your Business

When you’re looking at insolvency, it can be tempting to rush through procedures and implement new processes rapidly. While this can help in the short term and in dire situations can be absolutely necessary, where we can we prefer to spend a little longer to take the time to really understand your business.

We look at your company history, its goals, ambitions, assets, stocks and everything else that makes a business run. We talk to your managers, to the directors and to the staff. By the end of it, we’ll have a detailed recovery plan that’s tailored to fit your business, not anyone else’s.

We then look at all the available options for your company and lay them down on the table, starkly and frankly, allowing the directors to make the best decisions they can with the most accurate and informed information available.

Our Team Are Compassionate, Personable and Professional

Our team are not only experts in the field of business turnarounds, corporate recovery and insolvency, but they are compassionate, personable and professional too.

If your business is experiencing downturns, layoffs and redundancies, then our empathetic and understanding staff are there to help you through tough times. Our professional team provides solutions for your problems, not judgement, and they always act in a kind yet serious manner when dealing with insolvency issues.

Importantly, our services are tailored to your business needs and the needs of your staff. What that means is that our team not only gain a deeper understanding of your business but of the people that make your business work and those that can help turn your company around. Our personable approach allows us to connect with your team on a deeper level, to ensure that our insolvency services are the best they can possibly be.

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Irwin Insolvency is ready to provide you with expert insolvency advice that could save your business from failure. Our team is here to provide a personalised service that’s designed to turn your company around before it becomes insolvent.  

We have years’ experience working in the insolvency sector across a range of industries, and are ready to help you through these trying times. Contact Irwin Insolvency today for your free consultation.

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